How do I install the app?
Find our App in the Shopify App Listing page. We have a video that guides you through the installation process. Check out our Get Started page.
Is the app free?
Yes, the app is completely free. You pay our printers when we receive an order.


How do I pay you for my orders?
When setting up the app you enter a payment method. Charges are taken either when the order is received or after a period of time, depending upon which you choose.
What payment methods do you take?
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


What image format should I use to create my designs?
You should create your designs in RGB (preferably in the ‘Adobe RGB 1998’ workspace) and save them as JPEGs.
Why do you recommend using RGB and not CMYK ?
All Dye Sublimation imaging uses composite printers that convert RGB value data into the relevant ink channels. For example, a true black is only translated by the printer from RGB 0,0,0 and not 100% K (black), this is because it uses all the colours available to create a composite black.
What resolution do you recommend I use?
For phone cases, create them at 300 dpi. For all other products, create them at 200 dpi. Each template we offer shows you the exact size and resolution.


Do you have templates for every one of your products?
Yes. Our printers provide the template. These templates can be accessed once the printer is selected. Some mock-ups can be found on the Superfast POD website at
Do you have product mock ups?
Yes. Our printers provide the mock-ups. These templates can be accessed once the printer is selected. Some mock-ups can be found on the Superfast POD website at


How long does it take to dispatch orders?
Our printers aim to produce and ship all orders within 72 hours (excluding, weekends and public holidays).
Do you ship globally and how long does it take?
Yes, we ship globally on a daily basis.
What shipping services do you offer?
Our printers use a variety of shipping partners. Their preferred shipping partners can be viewed within the App.
Do you provide tracking numbers?
Yes, when an order is marked as dispatched in the system a tracking number is sent to you via email.

Taxes & Customs Duty Questions

Do I have to pay sales taxes on my orders?
Here’s how it works, if you order a product to be delivered in the UK by law we have to charge you a sales tax of 20% (VAT) on your order. If your order is to be delivered into Europe/USA or anywhere else then there is no sales tax to be paid.
Are there any customs duties and who pays them?
We ship to many, many different countries and all of them have different import laws relating to customs duties, we are the same as all other print on-demand companies and sadly we have no control over government policy and any duties to pay are your responsibility. There are no duties (pre Brexit) payable on orders into Europe.


Trademark & Copyright
When you upload designs with us you have to acknowledge you have the legal right to use the artwork and certify that you protect us for reproducing it from any misuse. If someone contacts us and advises us they own the rights to the artwork we will follow our DCMA procedure located in the website footer.
DMCA Policy
All our customers acknowledge that they are either the owners of, or have the legal right to use the images and designs they submit to us when creating their orders. If you feel that your IP is being infringed in anyway please complete our DMCA procedure located in the website footer.
Data Protection Policy
We comply with all European data protection laws. Our policy is located in the website footer.

Still questions? We are here to help.